Enrichment Programs

We provide weekly French, dance, and music lessons at no extra cost to our students.


Dance/Movement & MUsic

  • Skilled instructors teach a weekly dance class and a weekly music class at the school.  Through dance, the children practice different movement activities including jazz, ballet, and basic dance moves. The music program fosters musical growth by providing opportunities to move, sing, and listen to, play and create music. The children get to showcase their talents at Winter and Spring dance recitals.



Because of the diversity within the school, our children are exposed to more than one language at Rosehill.  Our French teacher is a French National and brings a bit of France to Rosehill.  Each week she works with the children teaching the basics of the French language such as numbers, days of the week, names of animals, simple expressions, directions and names of objects in the classroom.  Regular activities such as lunchtime or birthdays become an opportunity to reinforce all foreign language skills.