It all started when…


Rosehill was founded in January 1975 by a group of dedicated parents determined to have a greater voice and more direct involvement in the decisions and policies affecting the education of their children. With this driving force, this group of parents proceeded to build a school around a Montessori teacher they all knew and loved, Sister Rosalie. The school was named after her. They began by leasing a single classroom in the Sacred Heart Convent in Lisle, Illinois and called the school Rosehill Children’s Academy. After that came countless hours of hard work. The parents never lost sight of the goals and purposes of their labors.

Starting with a single primary class and a small staff, the school developed quickly. Through the perseverance, determination, and dedication of these parents, the existence of Rosehill as a top-quality Montessori school became a reality. In the spring of 1978, the parents voted to change the name of the school from Rosehill Children’s Academy to Rosehill Montessori School, further supporting confidence in the Montessori method. Later still, Rosehill operated their classes within the Lisle Public School system and at the Meadow’s Center.

Rosehill moved to its current location on Lisle Place in 1990. Again, dedicated parents and staff made it all possible — attending zoning meetings, remodeling and donating much time, talent and financial support. Today, the original parents and students have “graduated” and new groups of enthusiastic children and parents have followed in their footsteps. Because of our continued parental commitment, our rooms are beautifully equipped in our very own permanent “Children’s House.”