Program Overview


Rosehill Montessori School accepts children, aged three to six, year-round for our regular school year program as well as our summer program. We provide a home-like atmosphere in a Montessori setting from as early as 7:00 am to as late as 6:00 pm, allowing time for meals, rest, work and play while following the children’s own natural rhythms — individually and as a group.

The Montessori learning materials are available at all times. We also provide opportunities for outdoor time, cooking, creative dramatics, walks and time for your child to just “be.” 

Breakfast is available from 7:00 to 8:15 am for early arrival children. Half-day children are in school until approximately 11:45 am. Full-day and extended-day children enjoy lunch brought from home, followed by nap/rest time and then additional class time in the afternoon.

Rosehill is dedicated to an educational experience that will help children develop not only a foundation for a lifetime of learning but a love for life and mankind. We ask not what is in our best interest, but that which is in the best interest of the child.



Daily activities at Rosehill Montessori revolve around the philosophy of the Montessori teaching method.  This provides a consistent framework for the growth and development of each child.  Areas of learning and activities explored during a normal class day include:


Practical Life

Practical Life activities are drawn from real life and encourage a child to develop independence, coordination, concentration, and a sense of order. The activities include care of the environment and care of self, which help to develop grace and courtesy, as well as elementary movements.


Reading, Writing, Mathematics & Science

These topics are introduced as the child shows interest and aptitude. Each lesson isolates one new concept, building upon the knowledge gained in previous lessons. The child works independently, without pressure, at the child’s most comfortable developmental level. Lessons are kept simple and concrete, providing the child with “keys” rather than expecting the child to grasp abstract concepts.



Sensorial materials indirectly prepare the hand for writing, the ear for music and language, and the eye and mind for reading and math by developing and educating the child’s senses. They allow the child to become familiar with the world, encouraging the child to note and comprehend differences and similarities.


Outdoors / Gross Motor

Outside time develops gross motor skills, social interaction and awareness of the natural world. In the event of inclement weather, children continue to develop their gross motor skills through a variety of indoor physical activities.


Extra Curricular Activities

French & Foreign Language
Because of the diversity within the school, our children are exposed to more than one language at Rosehill.  Our French teacher is a French National and brings a bit of France to Rosehill.  Each week she works with the children teaching the basics of the French language such as numbers, days of the week, names of animals, simple expressions, directions and names of objects in the classroom.  Regular activities such as lunchtime or birthdays become an opportunity to reinforce all foreign language skills.

Dance/Movement & Music
Skilled instructors teach a weekly dance class and a weekly music class at the school.  Through dance, the children practice different movement activities including jazz, ballet, tumbling, and basic dance moves. The music program fosters musical growth by providing opportunities to move, sing, and listen to, play and create music. The children get to showcase their talents at Winter and Spring dance recitals.

School Library
Each week our children visit our school library, run completely by a committee of parents who volunteer to assist children select and check out books.  This is a great lesson in responsibility and taking care of someone else’s belongings.

Fun Lunch
Rosehill offers our version of hot lunch each Wednesday.  We call it “Fun Lunch” because all children are invited to stay for lunch…even those who are only enrolled in our morning program.

Field Trips
Participating in field trips is an opportunity for our students to learn and explore outside the classroom.  The school typically has a Fall and Spring field trip and many field trips as part of our Summer programs.  Field trips can range from going to museums, the theater, and the Morton Arboretum to visiting the fire station, the bowling alley, community events, and the library.