Eric J., Downers Grove

Both of our children attended for the full three year Montessori cycle and are well prepared for elementary school and young life.  Our daughter is in the gifted program in D58 currently and is at the top of the scale for reading among national and district populations.  My son recently passed my daughter in mathematics which I almost exclusively attribute to the Montessori materials meeting his learning needs.  We do not push our children, the success comes from a love of learning that Montessori and specifically the teachers at Rosehill cultivate as well as the home environment and the individual.  Rosehill is an academic environment and fosters independence and self respect.  While being challenging and engaging both our children love(d) going to school here and every morning the drop off was a joyous occasion.  The enrichment activities (music, dance, French, field trips) are great and the art and subject matter work that comes home is so cute.  When my daughter has a day off school when Rosehill is in session she asks to go to drop off and pick up to see her old teachers and remaining classmates who always greet her with hugs.  If you are looking for an engaging academic preschool environment Rosehill is a great caring place to get your child a head start on school.



Betty C., Naperville

I visited 8 other preschools before choosing Rosehill.  Some of the other schools lead you through a dog and pony show, showing you only what they want you to see.  When I first stepped into Rosehill, I was welcomed by the administrator to visit each class (there are 2) for as long as I wanted to.  I saw children of different ages in each of the classroom, each busily working on different things.  Some were working on rugs, and others were working on tables.  The teachers seem to just be "aware" of the children - working directly with one or two children at a time.  After my daughter spent 3 1/2 years there, I realized that they were allowing the children to learn at an early stage to be independent and through their own trials and errors with some coaching and guidance from the teacher, learn not just their letters and numbers, but learned awareness of the world we live in - the maps/geography, life sciences, nature, art, etc..  After 3 1/2 years, my daughter was socially comfortable with all ages of children and not just those of her peers, as well as adults.  Rosehill offers a homey, non-threatening environment for the children to learn.  The families are so diverse it feels like the United Nation.  We love the potluck socials where each family brings a dish - it's like International Night!



Jennifer O., Lisle

I love Rosehill!  My daughter is in kindergarten there and my son is in his first year.  When we visited the school over 3 years ago I was immediately impressed.  I had been having issues with my daughter going potty without me standing next to her.  Within a half an hour of being at the school she felt empowered and comfortable enough to go to the bathroom there by herself!  It was obvious that she loved the school.  She has flourished academically and socially at the school.  The teachers are so loving and patient with the children.  The atmosphere is very cozy and makes children comfortable.

My son loves school as well. He only goes 3 days per week now but wishes he was there all 5. Many times at pick up he asks if he can stay.  He is learning at a great pace and I am confident he will be on the road to reading chapter books in kindergarten just like his sister!

I also love that the parents are encouraged to be a part of the school.  I volunteer a lot with the school and my children enjoy seeing me around the school.  I highly recommend the school and will be sad when my daughter graduates this year.